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In today’s global world, communication is essential: what we say, how we say it and in what language we say it.

Our readers generally like us to speak to them in their language. And this is where the work of the professional translator becomes important, because a translator does not translate words, he or she really connects cultures.

It is often said that a translation is good when the translator is invisible: we read in Spanish a text that was originally written in English, but it seems to us that it was written in our language.

This is how a translation from English into Spanish should be. When we read Dickens, Molière or Goethe in Spanish, we are really reading a translation. And the same happens with films, TV series, video games, travel guides, cookbooks or technical manuals.

translator english spanish

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Translator English Spanish
The quality of the original text is just as important as the quality of the translation, since the final recipient is going to read the translation and not the original text.

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Translator English Spanish
Some may be tempted to use machine translation for reasons of economy. Technology is there to be used, of course.
However, when you have invested so much time, effort, resources and money, it is probably not wise to cut corners when it comes to getting your product or service out into the world. We can all remember the disastrous failures of automatic translations.