Translation Services


I interpret the meaning of a source text in English to another equivalent text in my native language, Spanish.
The translation contains two parts: the understanding of the original text and the expression of the content of the source text in the native language of the translator.


It consists of reviewing a translated document to correct spelling, grammatical, typographical or meaning errors.
I make sure to find all of the errors in the document, both in content and form, and make any necessary changes to make it ready for use or publication.


I check the final translation of the document is correct and adequate.
In other words, eliminate all kinds of errors and inconsistencies, adjust fluency and style to improve the quality of the translation..


It is the process of improving a translation generated by machine learning.
My mission consists of correcting automatic translations so the final translated version is high-quality, fluid and more natural.


It is a writing style used in marketing and advertising campaigns that encourages the user to make an action (purchase, subscription, fill in a form…), you can also find it as persuasive writing and its objective is to generate business opportunities.



Human resources policies and company announcements


User guides, technical data sheets, brochures, training manuals


Two books of a course included in a subject in the gemology career

Health and safety

Different health and safety policies of various companies

Machinery and automotive

Various manuals on tractors, harvesters and cleaning machinery

Hospitality, tourism and culture

Hotel and tourism websites and a book about Vincent Van Gogh


Treatment of water and water resources


Promotional material and relationship marketing


Translation of an online English course