About me:

Welcome to my world! I am María Sampedro, an accomplished English-Spanish Translator, deeply passionate about fostering cross-cultural communication. With a rich history in language studies and extensive experience in the translation field, I have dedicated my career to providing accurate and culturally nuanced translations for diverse clients.

My Journey:

In 1987, just two months after graduating in Anglo-Germanic Philology, I embarked on my professional journey as a translator from English to Spanish at an esteemed import company. This early exposure to the world of translation ignited my love for the craft and fueled my commitment to becoming an expert in the field.

From 1988 to 1999, I had the privilege of working as a translator and interpreter for a major company specializing in importing and distributing industrial products. During this period, I honed my skills, ensuring precise communication between international stakeholders and facilitating smooth interactions within the industry.

My Expertise:

With over three decades of experience, my expertise spans a wide range of industries and content types. From technical documents and legal texts to creative content and marketing materials, I take pride in delivering translations that maintain the intended meaning while resonating with the Spanish-speaking audience.

My Approach:

At the core of my translation philosophy lies the belief that language should connect rather than divide. Each project I undertake is met with meticulous attention to detail, extensive research, and an unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of the source material.

Passion for Bridging Cultures:

My passion for languages extends beyond the confines of my professional work. Witnessing how effective communication can unite people from different backgrounds fuels my dedication to breaking language barriers and fostering understanding.

Let’s Connect:

Thank you for getting to know me and my journey as an English-Spanish Translator. If you seek accurate and culturally sensitive translations to enhance your cross-cultural communication, I am here to help. Let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate to bridge language gaps and achieve your communication goals.


  • Degree in Anglo-Germanic Philology

  • Specialty: English language

  • Faculty of Philology, University of Valencia, Spain


  • C.A.P., Pedagogical Aptitude Course, UNIVERSIDAD DE VALENCIA, Valencia, Spain.

  • Web site translation techniques, S.I.C., Barcelona, Spain.

  • Four courses English language, ESCUELA OFICIAL DE IDIOMAS, Valencia, Spain.

  • Commercial English, THE LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom.

  • Automatic translation and post-edition course, CÁLAMO Y CRAN, Spain.

IT knowledge

  • MATERIAL: PC, scaner, printer, laptop

  • SOFTWARE: Windows 10, Office 365, SDL Trados Studio 2019 Freelance Plus, Multiterm, Verifika